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7 Steps for Cleaning Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are submersible devices that are designed to remove water from basements or crawl spaces. When water buildup occurs, the sump pump is then activated, and the water is removed. When sump pumps are functioning correctly, all water is removed to keep a mold infestation at bay. If your house has a basement or crawl space, it Is highly likely that you have a sump pump installed. To ensure that your sump pump remains in good working order, it is essential that you keep it clean. Our experts here at Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating have put together a seven-step outline you can follow for cleaning your sump pump.

How to Go About Cleaning Your Sump Pump

To make certain that your sump pump is thoroughly cleaned, you must follow the seven steps outlined below in the exact order they are listed. Let’s go through them one at a time.

  1. Shut down your circuit breaker or disconnect your sump pump from the power supply. Once you have disconnected your sump pump from power, remove your sump pump from the discharge pipe.
  2. Wrap your sump pump in plastic or place it inside of an industrial-sized plastic bag. This step is crucial as it prevents water from spilling out of the sump pump and getting all over your house.
  3. Rince all dirt and debris off your sump pump with your garden hose, and use a plastic scraper to remove off any residue left behind.
  4. After you have rinsed your sump pump thoroughly, leave it out to dry. Your sump pump must be completely dry before you can hook it up again.
  5. Drain any standing water from your sump pit using a shop vac. All standing water must be removed before you can reconnect your sump pump.
  6. If your sump pump has a check valve you can remove, remove that valve. Removing the check valve will enable you to drain any remaining water that is still trapped inside your sump pump.
  7. Reconnect your sump pump to the discharge pipe. Once you have reconnected your sump pump, turn on your power or plug in your sump pump.

How Often Should You Clean Your Sump Pump?

To keep your sump pump in top-notch shape, our plumbing technicians recommend that you clean this piece of equipment once a year. If you wait any longer than that, you risk your sump pump malfunctioning, which could prevent it from doing its job.

If you are not comfortable cleaning your sump pump yourself or if you are like most of us and lead a busy life, you can call on our plumbing technicians at Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating to help. We will come out to your home anywhere in the Bozeman, MT area and inspect and clean your sump pump so it remains in working order.