Protect Your Family From Discomfort With Water Heater Maintenance

As with many appliances in and around your home, maintenance is cheaper than replacement. Regular maintenance of key plumbing tools, such as water heaters, can keep costs low now and help you plan for your inevitable water heater replacement.

Know the Signs

Your water heater may have been working well without maintenance. Perhaps you’ve only recently moved and you don’t know the maintenance history of your water heater. Scheduling water heater maintenance can protect you from issues such as:

  • Smelly, discolored or cloudy water
  • Noise as the hot water tank refills
  • Less hot water than you should have

All of these indicate a problem, such as sediment that needs to be drained or corrosion in the tank from a failed anode rod. Getting your tank serviced may remove the problem or at least give you some time to plan for a replacement water heater.

Items That Need to Be Checked

Your TPR valve, or Temperature, Pressure and Release valve, needs checking at least once a year and preferably twice a year. The TPR valve will release water from the tank if the temperature exceeds 200 degrees Fahrenheit to protect the tank from bursting. If it fails to open properly, your family could be in danger.

The anode rod needs to be checked and periodically replaced. This useful tool serves as a magnet inside your hot water tank for dangerous and destructive particles. If your water is smelly or rusty, it could be that your anode rod has failed.

Your hot water heater should also be drained and checked for sediment. Again, if you’re unsure of the age and maintenance history of your hot water heater, sediment may be causing problems. If your hot water pressure is low or your hot water seems to run out quickly, sediment could be the problem.

Everything Wears Out

A properly maintained water heater can last up to 15 years. If your water heater is less than 10 years old, or you simply have no idea of the maintenance history of your water heater, it’s a good idea to get it serviced while it’s working well.

If your water heater is truly wearing out, you can also benefit from new technologies. New water heaters are much more energy efficient and much easier to maintain, particularly new tankless water heating options. Tankless water heaters also take up much less space. Finally, once you install a tankless water heater, you’re never out of hot water!

Keep the hot water flowing in your Bozeman, MT home with regular, scheduled water heater maintenance from Mountain Valley.