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Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating employs highly trained professionals who can handle all of your plumbing requirements. Give us a call if you need professional help with a clogged toilet or a leaking drain. We are a professional plumbing team in Livingston, MT that can handle all of your plumbing needs. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced.

We Will Keep Your Drains Clean

Whether it’s a simple clogged toilet or a line that has been invaded by tree roots, a plumber from Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating can handle the problem. Homes run on plumbing from the kitchen to the sewer, and they run best when those lines are free from clogs. We have the equipment and the trained staff who knows how to use it properly. If you need drain cleaning services in Livingston, MT, we can help. 

Has Your Hot Water Heater Gone Cold?

Hot water is essential to our way of life. When the water heater stops giving hot water, it needs help. There may be an element that needs to be replaced, it may have developed a leak, or the pilot light is out. If your water heater in Livingston, MT is not heating anymore, the answer is easy for a professional to find. If the heater is old, why not replace it with a new, energy-efficient model and save on energy bills? It might be time to call a plumber in Livingston, MT.

Call (406) 823-3680 now for a plumber in livingston, mt to provide you with a free estimate!

Repair Leaks Quickly Before They Cost a Lot of Money

Undetected leaks can run up a water bill higher than you’d like. The leak could be inside or outside of your home. If you suddenly have damp spots on your carpeting or a wall, wet areas, or spongy places in your yard, you might want to call us for leak repair in Livingston, MT. The longer it leaks, the more your property is damaged, and the higher that water bill goes. Imagine your water being left on 24/7. Our plumber in Livingston, MT is on call for emergency leak repair. 

Adding a New Bathroom or Two?

If you’re thinking of adding a bathroom or upgrading to a new kitchen or laundry room, we can  . In addition to the plumbing, we will also install the toilets. Add an outdoor kitchen to your deck or patio for great summer cookouts.  A garden sink near the potting shed would sure come in handy. If you’re looking for remodeling services in Livingston, MT for any part of your home or yard, we can do the plumbing work. 

When You Need Boiler Repair or Replacement

A boiler heating system is a clean heating system and very energy efficient. It heats your home with hot water that spreads throughout via pipes and radiators. The same water is recycled and heated again for disbursement throughout your home, and it’s a completely silent operation. Whether you need boiler repair and replacement in Livingston, MT, we have qualified staff to do the job. 

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