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When you are looking for pipe replacement in Bozeman, MT, Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating is a great choice. We are locally owned and operated and proud to serve the Bozeman, MT area. Our fully licensed plumbers are experienced professionals who will complete your repiping quickly and safely. We have honest and up-front pricing, so you won’t be hit with surprise charges at the end of your project. Whether you need full repiping or pipe repair in Bozeman, MT, we can help get your pipes up to code and ready to serve your home for years to come.

Common Pipe Issues

Much like anything else, pipes can develop problems as they age. Homes that are over a century old may still have their original lead piping. Homes from the ’40s and ’50s may still have galvanized steel pipes that corrode over time and have flow issues. You may notice clanging or other odd sounds from older pipes. These noises can be eliminated by replacing the pipes. Older pipes are also prone to leaks and cracks that can cost you money due to water damage. Older pipes or pipes with buildup can cause discoloration of your water or even a change to its taste and smell.

Signs You Need to Repipe

If you’ve had to deal with patching a pipe, you may be looking at a total repiping soon because all of your pipes will begin to show the same issues over time. If your water pressure is dropping, this can also be a sign that your pipes are aging. A big warning sign is visible corrosion or a change in the color or taste of your water. All of this indicates a dangerous problem that requires a full pipe replacement. If you occasionally get a sudden jump from cold water to hot, you may also be looking at an old valve that you will need to replace. If your home is older, a full repiping can be a great idea. This is particularly true if your home still has its original pipes. Any unsafe materials will need to be replaced, and doing the whole system at once can save you money. If you are already doing a renovation or remodeling, this is the best time to repipe your home.

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What to Expect During Your Repiping

The first and most important point to bear in mind is that this is not something you can do yourself. Repiping a home requires both a lot of skill and specialized tools. Only a licensed plumber should perform a repiping project. Once you decide to repipe, the first step will be an inspection and an estimate for the work. This will help both you and your plumber know exactly what will happen and how much it will cost. Your plumber will tell you just how extensive your repiping needs to be. If this will replace your home’s whole system, it will probably require a work permit from the city to ensure your job is done safely and up to local building codes. We’ll also work together with you to decide on the best materials for your project and budget.

Once work begins, our team of plumbers will ensure all of your furniture is protected. They should be able to schedule the times your water service will be off to ensure your life isn’t interrupted too much during your project. You should still be able to use your plumbing most of the time since your plumber will work during times when you don’t need your water.

Rely on Professional Expertise

When it is time for your repiping in Bozeman, MT, Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating can help. Our speedy, professional plumbers are fully licensed, so your project will be done quickly and safely. Our honest pricing makes sure you know what you will be paying, and you can have the peace of mind that comes from working with a locally owned and operated company. Contact us at (406) 823-3680 today and schedule your estimate.

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