3 Hazards From Sewer Line Leak Repairs and How to Avoid Them

Issues from sewer line leaks may include health hazards, structural damage and environmental concerns. Look for early signs of sewer line leaks to protect your family and house, and you can prevent or prolong sewer line leaks on your property by being proactive.

1. Clogged Pipes From Debris

Clogged pipes can cause sewer line damage due to foreign objects. Your sewage lines can handle waste and toilet paper, but other objects may create a clog that drain cleaners can’t dissolve. If you pour cooking oil or grease down the kitchen drain, you could damage your sewer line.

Flushable products can still cause issues, so only flush human waste and toilet paper. Solid food waste like bones and meat shouldn’t go into the garbage disposal and should go in the trash. Throw cooled cooking grease in the garbage instead of allowing grease or oil down the drain.

2. Damaged Pipes From Tree Roots

Tree or shrub roots search for water and will grow toward a sewer line. The roots often sense the water because there is already an unknown leak. Trees and shrubs will wrap around and break into pipes, especially the older clay pipes.

Since tree and shrub roots can cause clogs or breaks in a sewer pipe, you should maintain proper landscaping. Trees and shrubs will grow towards the pipe, so remove problematic plants from the area. You could have a physical barrier placed to prevent any roots from reaching the sewer pipe in the first place.

3. Damaged Pipes From Corrosion

Sewer line corrosion causes include extreme temperatures, poor protective coating, and soil conditions. Soap, food, and drain cleaners can end up in your pipes. The calcium and magnesium buildup from regular use puts the pipes at a higher risk for corrosion or erosion.

Untreated corrosion or erosion can cause leaks and cracks in a sewer line. One way to lower the chance of a major leak is to watch what goes into your drains and into your toilets. Another proactive option is to schedule an annual video pipe inspection with our plumbers.

Potential Hazards From Sewer Line Leaks

Health hazards from sewer line leaks can cause respiratory issues from allergies or infections in the toxic gases. A broken sewer line also hurts the environment when the pipe lets chemicals you put down the drains seep into the soil. An untreated sewer line leak can weaken your foundation and endanger your home.

Sewer line leaks are dangerous and expensive to correct. The best thing you can do is to be mindful of where the pipe is and proactively take action before something happens. If you are having any sewer line issues in Bozeman, MT, call us at Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating, and remember our emergency lines are open 24/7.