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5 Signs You Should Schedule a Sewer Cleaning

It can be easy to take your plumbing system for granted and pay no attention to it until you’re dealing with a major problem. When the problem affects your drains and sewer lines, you can be left with a big mess. Fortunately, you can avoid issues with regular cleanings. The following covers some signs that it may be time to have your sewer or drains cleaned.

1. Slow Drains

One of the most telling signs of impending trouble is a sluggish drain. The more you wait, the more serious the problem becomes. If water is taking a long time to drain in multiple sinks, it could be because the main sewage line is clogged. Having the line cleaned will ensure that the drains run freely again.

2. Bad Odors

When your drains or sewer line is clogged, the buildup of organic waste and other debris can cause a bad smell. If you have serious issues, you may even smell sewage either inside or outside your home. In either case, bad odors from your plumbing are a sign that you need to give your plumbing some professional attention.

3. Strange Sounds

Drains that are working properly won’t make much noise at all. If clogs are present, however, you may hear gurgling or bubbling sounds every time you run a faucet or drain your sink. You can quiet these sounds by scheduling a sewer or drain cleaning.

4. Persistent Clogging

It isn’t uncommon to deal with a clog from time to time. When the clogs become consistent problems, though, you likely have a larger issue with your plumbing that needs to be addressed.

5. Water Pooling in Your Yard

If there is a major blockage in your sewer system, it can prevent water from draining, leading to backups that could show up in your yard. Pools of water that appear without recent rainfall are likely caused by a sewer issue. You may also have overly green grass in a localized area above your sewer line. If you experience either of these issues, call a plumber.

Get Professional Help Today

Are you dealing with any of the issues just mentioned? Do not put off fixing a drain or sewer issue. If you do, the problem will only become worse. In addition to being an inconvenience, plumbing issues can damage your property and even threaten the health of your family. If you are a resident of Bozeman, MT and you want professional sewer cleaning or drain cleaning services, contact our team at Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating.