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A New Year’s Resolution: Replacing Your Boiler

Boilers don’t come with a specific expiration date; people keep using them until they stop working. Unfortunately, even if your boiler still works, it could cost you more due to repairs and inefficiencies as it ages. On average, boilers that undergo regular maintenance can last about 15 years.

When considering replacing your boiler, compare your existing model’s relevant costs and safety versus buying a new one. Repairs can extend your boiler’s life, but eventually, it will wear out.

If your boiler has the following issues, it might be time to invest in a new boiler for your family’s comfort and safety in the new year.

No Hot Water

Cold showers can be trendy, but if you have to take them often and not by choice, and you’ve already had repairs done, there’s something wrong with your boiler.

You may also experience longer heating times. A boiler in good working condition should heat immediately. If yours takes several minutes to produce any hot air, and you’ve already had a repairman out, it’s time to buy a new boiler.

Frequent Breakdowns

Does your boiler break down frequently? Is it so old that your repairman can no longer find parts? This issue costs you in terms of the time you and your family have to go without hot water or heat, along with the waiting time it takes for an HVAC professional to fix your boiler.

Boilers can also leak water, indicating several potential problems, and cause the unit to corrode. If you’re having this issue, consider replacing your boiler.

A Bad Odor or Yellow Flame

A boiler that’s not burning efficiently has a yellow flame instead of a blue one. When the flame is yellow, the boiler is likely leaking carbon monoxide. This gas has no odor or color and can be fatal. If your boiler produces a faint burning smell or other odor, this could also indicate a carbon monoxide leak.

In any case, this is a serious safety issue for you and your family. If anyone in your household has experienced nausea, fatigue, dizziness, or headaches, you need an HVAC professional to inspect your boiler immediately. This sign is also a good indication that your boiler is ready to be replaced.

A Lower Energy Efficiency Rating

Boilers have an energy efficiency rating that ranges from A to G. Boilers with an A rating operate at a 90% efficiency level. In contrast, G-rated boilers operate at 70% efficiency.

If your boiler isn’t A-rated, you could be spending more money on your energy bills than necessary. Aside from the boiler’s efficiency grade at peak operation, as the boiler ages, it also becomes less efficient, which you might have seen reflected in a rising energy bill each month.

A Professional Plumber Can Help You Decide

A licensed, experienced plumbing and heating professional can help you decide if it’s time for a new boiler. They’ll recommend a new unit that meets your household’s needs with efficiency and cost in mind. If your home’s boiler works fine even though it’s aged, there’s no reason to spend money to replace it just yet.

If breakdowns and repair costs keep increasing for your Bozeman, MT home, then resolve to replace your boiler in the new year by calling Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating today for an estimate.