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How to Use Your Boiler Safely

Boilers are a great way to keep your home warm during our long and chilly winters here in Bozeman. Here are some tips for using your boiler safely all winter long.

1. Make Sure the Boiler Has Space

Boiler rooms frequently get used as storage. While this isn’t bad on the surface, you should make sure that there is plenty of ventilation around your boiler. Never place anything on the boiler itself, and make sure it is positioned away from the walls.

2. Check the Insulation

Even a small gap in the insulation can seriously reduce the performance of your boiler. Make sure to check the insulation to make sure there are no gaps and that the insulation is thick enough.

3. Bleeding the Radiators

Air can become trapped in the radiators over time. This will cause your radiator to struggle to heat your home. You can easily bleed the air out by opening the valve slightly.

4. Keep Up on Maintenance

Yearly maintenance will make sure your boiler works great every year. Problems can be caught early and fixed before they become dangerous. They can also catch problems from aging boilers early.

5. Check the Pressure

Your boiler needs to be kept at the right water pressure to make sure it can heat your home efficiently. You use the pressure gauge to make sure your water pressure is at the right level. The exact number can be found in your unit’s user manual. It is easy to fix yourself, but you can always call out a professional if you are unsure.

6. Regular Checks

The warmer months are on the horizon, so you may not think to turn on your boiler. If a problem develops during the spring or summer, you may not realize it until the cold weather returns. You can help prevent this by turning on your boiler for a few minutes once a month to make sure it is working.

7. Watch for Problems

Keeping up on maintenance should prevent most problems, but you should still watch out for problems. Things like leaking pipes, whistling or banging, and the pilot light or boiler turning itself off can all signal a problem you need to fix.

8. Insulate External Pipes

If any of your pipes end up outside, you need to make sure they are properly insulated. It is easy to do yourself, and it helps prevent problems from burst pipes.

Work With the Professionals

If you ever need your boiler maintained or repaired, look no further than Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating. We can handle any maintenance or repairs to keep you warm. Contact us today, and let us keep you warm.