Side View Of A Plumber Fixing Water Tap In Kitchen

Make Sure Your Plumbing Is Ready for the Holidays

Holiday gatherings with family and friends are one of the best things about the holiday season. All those extra people in the home can place a strain on your plumbing system. Getting your plumbing inspected and repaired is one item that you should have on your holiday list. Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating has a few tips to help you make sure you have no plumbing mishaps when your guests arrive.

Get Your Water Heater Serviced

It is a good idea to have your water heater inspected at least yearly, especially before you begin having holiday gatherings. Having this task done before the holidays is the best way to ensure that you are not suddenly surprised by having no hot water when you need it most. If you have not had your tank flushed and cleaned of sediment, it is a good time to have it done to fix problems like low water pressure or a tank that heats slowly.

Service Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal will get a workout during holiday meal preparation. The last thing you want is for the garbage disposal to stop working. Getting a plumber to inspect it before your holiday meal prep begins will help things run more smoothly in the kitchen. One thing to remember is that you need to avoid throwing things like hard food or grease and cooking oils down the sink. Having a professional service the garbage disposal is a good way to make sure holiday meal preparations go smoothly.

Repair Sinks and Faucets

If you have a leak in your bathroom or kitchen sinks, it is a good idea to get them repaired to make sure your home is in top shape for gatherings. Small leaks can become larger ones when the systems are under strain. Fixing them before the holidays makes your home present well for guests. It also eases your mind because it is one more thing off your list and one more thing you do not have to worry about.

Inspect and Clean Your Sewer Drain

Fall is an excellent time to make sure your sewer drains are in top shape before winter hits. You might want to consider a professional drain cleaning to remove any tree roots or potential clogs that could decide to come to the surface at an inopportune time. Having a sewer inspection will also help you see any leaks before they become serious.

Now, you know many reasons why you need to put your plumbing on your holiday preparation list. Contact Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating in Bozeman, MT, and we can make sure that your home’s plumbing is in top shape for your gatherings.