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Preventing Plumbing Emergencies: How Repiping Can Save You Time and Money

Most homeowners know that preventative service can help save money down the road. For instance, an HVAC system that is properly maintained will last for years more than one that is not. Regular drain cleaning can prevent unsightly sewer backups. However, most people don’t realize that repairing a home can be the best way to prevent emergency plumbing services. Do you have a home with older plumbing? Are you concerned about facing an emergency plumbing issue? Take a minute to learn more about how repiping your home can save you money and a lot of unneeded frustration.

Your Pipes May Be Aging

To start, you need to understand that your pipes aren’t made to last forever. While they can last for decades, by the end of 40 to 50 years, pipes are starting to inch closer to replacement. Copper pipes and galvanized steel can last longer, but just because a pipe has a certain lifespan doesn’t mean it will make it. Poor water quality, heavy water, regular chemical cleaner use, or other plumbing issues can cause your pipes to give out earlier than they should. Don’t wait until a pipe bursts and covers your home in water; if you know that your pipes are starting to age, get ahead of the problem and repipe them.

Piping Material May be Outdated

While checking your pipes, pay close attention to the material they are made from. Homes with plumbing systems that were installed in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s often have pipes crafted out from polybutylene. While this is better than lead due to the potential for poisoning, polybutylene is not as sturdy and will often need to be replaced sooner than others.

Repiping Lets You Restore Water Pressure Within Your Home

One of the surprising benefits of repiping your plumbing system is that you may correct water pressure issues in your home in the process. There are a lot of reasons why you may have water pressure within your home, from issues with the city water supply to a leaking pipe. However, if these are not the cause, then there is a good chance that your pipes are the problem. Older pipes often start to flake and corrode. This will reduce the water pressure within your home. If this happens along the main line then the water may be leaking into your yard. Once you repipe this line, you will be amazed by how much the water pressure in your home increases.

You Can Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

Finally, the largest reason to repipe your pipes is that doing so will help you avoid an untimely plumbing emergency. Water damage leads to mold growth, so it is best for your budget and your home not to end up dealing with either. Newer piping materials, like PEX and copper piping, are great options for homeowners. However, before making any final decision, it is a good idea to talk to your local plumber. If you are concerned about repiping, talk to a knowledgeable plumbing company like Mountain Valley of Bozeman, MT.