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What Are Signs That Your Sewer Line Needs Repair?

Though repairing or replacing a broken sewer line can, indeed, be costly, there’s no alternative to not doing so. A broken sewer line is, among many other unpleasant things, a potential health hazard. Here are some indications that your sewer line is in trouble.

The Smell of Sewage

Whether it’s inside your house or outside, the stench of raw sewage is a sign that something is wrong with your sewer line. If you smell sewage when you walk outside, it’s a sign that your sewer line is damaged. The smell of sewage inside probably means that there’s a blockage. Even if it’s “only” a blockage, you’ll need to have the problem resolved. The terrible smell comes from hydrogen sulfide, a toxic gas you don’t want in your house.

Wet Areas in the Yard

Wet areas in the yard may be a sign that your garden hose or other fixtures are leaking. However, if they’re not the problem, the leak is probably coming from your sewer line. It’s even more likely if the wet spot has a bad smell.

Water Drains Too Slowly

Another sign of problems with the sewer line is water that drains too slowly from your sinks or bathtub. The problem doesn’t go away even if you snake or pour chemicals down your drain. This means that the sewer line has become clogged with limescale or even tree roots that need to be professionally cleared. You should really suspect that something’s wrong with your sewer line if every drain in your house is blocked.

There Are Too Many Pests Around

If your sewer line is broken, it may not only cause a smelly puddle in your yard, but it may also attract more than the usual number of pests. They range from bacteria to rats, and some will find a way into your house as the weather gets colder.

Cracks in the Foundation of Your Home

You’re bound to find some cracks in your home’s foundation as the house settles, but if a large crack shows up suddenly, it may be a sign that your sewer line is broken. Foundation cracks are sometimes accompanied by sinkholes in your yard.

A Toilet That Gurgles

A toilet that makes gurgling sounds or other weird noises when you flush it might mean that the sewer line is broken. Specifically, the backflow preventer in the sewer line that stops air and waste from flowing back up the drain is broken.

Call Us If Your Sewer Line Is Damaged

A broken sewer line is an emergency that requires professionals to repair it. If you need sewer line service, don’t hesitate to call our plumbers at Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating in Bozeman, Montana.