What Every Homeowner Should Know About Drain Clogs And Professional Drain Cleaning

Many homeowners believe that drain clogs are just a way of life. And that each time you find yourself standing in a shower that will not drain, it is time to call in a plumber, or worse, dump some chemical drain cleaner in your tub. But, they do not understand that these incredibly annoying situations can be avoided entirely with a little extra care and an annual professional drain cleaning.

What Makes Professional Drain Cleaning So Great?

As you might have guessed from the name, a professional drain cleaning is offered by a licensed plumber, making the process completely safe for your drain pipes. That is not true of the caustic chemical concoctions that you buy at the grocery or big box store. The pro version uses no chemicals, so there is no risk of damage to the pipes and no harsh fumes that contaminate your home.

A professional drain cleaning uses nothing but high-pressure water to blast away any blockages forming and all the nasty, sticky residue that will create future clogs. And unlike any other clog removal or drain cleaning process, this job comes with a guarantee. With regular professional drain cleanings, you will never endure another clog, guaranteed. That is how thorough and effective this cleaning process is.

Helpful Tips To Avoid Future Drain Issues

There are a few critical offenders in every home that contribute to drain blockages and clogs. And unless you are careful about these items, you will never be able to live a happy, drain-clog-free life. We will break the list down according to the scene of each crime to give you the list of offenders and how to eliminate them from your home’s drains.

The Kitchen Sink

Grease and oil are the worst things that can ever find their way down your kitchen sink. They coat the inside of the drain line and dry to form a sticky residue. And once that happens, every bit of wasted food washed down the drain gets stuck in the goop. Soon, you find that your kitchen sink is slow to clear because of all the food stuck in the oily residue.

The Bathroom Sink

Your bathroom sink is prone to clogs of hair, beard trimmings, and the grease from soap and beauty products. Much like the grease in your kitchen sink drain, moisturizing soaps coat the inside of your bathroom sink drain. And then, when you rinse down hair or other small bits of dirt, the clog begins. Placing a small wire mesh filter in sink drains is the perfect way to help keep hair, debris, and other clog-making particles from getting stuck in the drains.

Tub And Shower Drains

Your home’s tub and shower drains see a lot of dirt, pieces of soap, and loose hair. And when those things combine with the sticky residue from moisturizing body wash and shampoo, you are going to end up with a clog. Understandably, moisturizing products are not going to be eliminated. But you can place mesh screens in your tub and shower drains to keep clog making debris out of the pipes.  

It is not practical to keep every last bit of hair or dirt from your drain lines. And over time, all soaps and bathing products will create some sticky residue inside the drain lines. But with an annual professional drain cleaning, you can eliminate the residue before any clogs occur. Call (406) 823-3680 to schedule your professional drain cleaning with the licensed plumbers at Mountain Valley Plumbing & Heating. And know you will never face another drain clog in your home.