4 Cool Reasons To Schedule An AC Tune-Up

Most homeowners do not recall ever living in a home without air conditioning. What was once a luxury item is now a part of most newly built homes and has been retrofitted into older ones as well. But like many modern conveniences, we tend to take these things for granted until the day that they fail. To prevent a failure of your AC during the summer months, a simple AC tune-up is likely to be all you need to enjoy cool air and peace of mind. But there are many more benefits to this affordable maintenance.

Preventing Future Damage

We all know those small problems that are ignored turn into vast and costly issues at some point. And when you are thinking about an AC unit, that is never more accurate. For example, during a tune-up, your technician will notice tiny things like a loose bolt or a belt showing some wear and tear. Replacing these items before the break prevents a chain reaction that can damage or destroy the entire unit.

One stray bolt going through the fan blade or a broken belt wrapping around other moving parts is going to result in a catastrophic failure. So now you are stuck with no AC and potentially a large repair bill when you get someone out to look at the damage. It would have been easier and more affordable to replace the worn belt or tighten the bolt before it damaged more costly components.

Increased Energy Efficiency

A well-cared-for piece of equipment always operates more efficiently. Think of a tune-up for your car. As a result, you enjoy a little bit better gas mileage and increased acceleration. And the same is true for your home’s air conditioner. It will cool your home more rapidly, maintain the temperature more evenly, and consume less electricity. All are wins for you and your wallet.

Longer Lifespan

The life expectancy of the average central air system is from 8 to 12 years. But that estimate is based on regular care and maintenance. You might even be able to get to about 15 if you are diligent about service. However, if you avoid regular tune-ups, inspections, and service, be prepared to start shopping for a new AC after 5-6 years of service. The money you “saved” by avoiding service and tune-ups does not cover the cost of a new unit. But that is what you will need in far less than a decade.

Protecting The Warranty

Most newly installed air conditioners come with a factory warranty. However, if you read the fine print, it states that you are required to provide regular service to maintain the warranty. It makes sense. You cannot take a car back to the dealership after 30k miles and demand they replace the blown motor if you never changed the oil. And AC makers feel the same about their products. You need to have the air conditioner regularly serviced to ensure that the manufacturer has the right to make a warranty repair when it is minor rather than after the entire unit is destroyed.

Then there is the bonus of knowing that you will not be enduring any unwanted surprises in the middle of the summer when your AC fails. Anyone who has tried to schedule AC service in summertime knows you will wait for days to get an estimate. So avoid all the hassles and misery by calling (406) 823-3680 to schedule your AC tune-up today. The certified technicians at Mountain Valley Plumbing & Heating will have your AC in peak condition and ready to take on anything this summer.