Common Causes Of Costly Water Damage

No one wants to think about the cost or inconvenience of water damage to their home. But if you are not aware of the most common causes of this costly damage, you could be overlooking some easy and cost-effective preventative measures. Knowing the source of water leaks that can damage your home, and investing just a tiny amount of time, is the best way to avoid water damage and the potential for a toxic black mold infestation in your home.

Leaking Pipes

Leaky pipes are the most common cause of water damage in homes across the country. But because the pipes are almost always concealed in floors and walls, you might not know how to recognize the signs of trouble before it is too late. Prevention and proactive inspections are essential to minimize water damage from any leaking pipe. Set aside a few minutes each month to look inside the cabinetry under your sinks for signs of leaks. Look for bulging wood or drywall as well as staining or mildew. If you see any of these signs of a leak, call a plumber immediately.

Also, look around and under any appliances that use water. A refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser, your washing machine, and your home’s water heater are just a few to put on your list for monthly inspections. Also, take the time to inspect any water supply lines or hoses carefully. As these hoses age, they become brittle and can crack very easily. If the hoses no longer feel soft and flexible, it is well worth the time and minimal cost to replace the hoses before they split and cause significant water damage to your home. If you see any sign of moisture on pipes, floors, or walls, call in a pro to limit the amount of damage to your home.

Your Gutters

Most homeowners forget that a clogged or damaged gutter or downspout can dump a significant amount of water down the house’s exterior or against the foundation. Checking your home’s gutters regularly is the best way to avoid these costly and very messy floods. Leaves, rust, or debris can create a damn that will cause the water to overflow and possibly seep into your home.

Worn Out Or Clogged Drains

When you think about a water leak in your home, rarely do you include the drain lines in your thought process. However, these lines are also responsible for removing much water and also waste from your home. Taking a few minutes each month to ensure all your drains are functioning correctly can be a lifesaver. Even the drains in a spare bathroom that sees little use can create a severe flood in your home.

Run water down all of the sink, tub, and shower drains to ensure that they flow freely and do not make any odd gurgling sound. That noise is a clear indication that there is a clog. If you find any slow to clear drains, call for a professional drain cleaning and clog removal to avoid a flood in the future.

Don’t forget to check all toilets to ensure that they are flushing thoroughly. A slow-to-flush toilet or one that only partially flushes indicates that you need to call in a plumber. The only thing worse than a flood of water in your home is a flood of raw sewage.

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