A crack in the pipe

Handy Plumbing Tips to Use This Summer

Temperatures in Bozeman, MT can climb into the low 90s and even higher in the middle of summer. When it’s hot, you don’t want to find yourself struggling with plumbing problems that make you even more uncomfortable. Looking at the top summer plumbing tips is a good way to see how you can keep your home safe and determine when to contact a plumber for help.

Check for Leaks

Between running the sprinkler, filling a pool for the kids, and taking care of your plants, you likely use a lot more water in the summer than you do in the winter. Checking for leaks will help you see where you waste water and help you avoid high water bills. Some of the common places to find leaks include the pipes inside your cabinets and around your outside faucet. If you find a leak, arrange for leak repair as soon as possible.

Avoid Preventable Problems

Summer is a good time to review what you can and cannot pour down the kitchen drain or flush down the toilet. It’s also a good time to go over those things with your family. Do not pour sunscreen or other chemicals down the drain as they can damage your pipes. You also want to avoid tossing grease or fat from your BBQ into the garbage disposal. Never flush any type of wipes down the toilet, even if they claim they are flushable. This includes personal care and baby wipes.

Do the Sniff Test

The sniff test is exactly what it sounds like, a test where you smell around the house for any foul or unusual odors. With all of the flowers blooming outside in Bozeman, it’s easy to pick up strange odors when you come inside. Those bad odors might indicate the first sign of a clogged drain that will soon back up or a failed part of your plumbing system. You can also pick up unusual scents due to improper venting of sewer gas, which often causes headaches and fatigue.

Locate Your Shutoff Valve

It’s also helpful to locate the shutoff valve for your water. If a pipe bursts open when you try to use your sprinkler, you need to shut off the water as soon as possible before your bill skyrockets. This valve is usually close to the spot where your water line connects to the street. It can also be on the first floor or in your basement. You don’t want to waste water until a plumber gets to your home.

Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating offers help for anyone with plumbing problems in and around Bozeman, MT, including the common issues that occur during the warmer months. Call us for assistance with any summer plumbing dilemma you encounter.