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4 Common Misconceptions That Could Be Risky for Your Plumbing

Your plumbing system is a sophisticated system of pipes and components. A mistake that can be made when you believe these myths could damage your plumbing and even cause hazards. The following misconceptions can help you avoid errors that could incur costly repairs.

1. Hot Water Prevents Grease From Clogging Drains

Hot water can melt the grease in your sink and send it further down the drain. However, it will cool as soon as the liquid is in contact with the pipe. After cooling, the solidified grease could cause even more stubborn clogs than before.

Hot water only sends the liquid further down the pipe, making it difficult to unclog with an auger. The best way to prevent clogs is to dispose of grease in the trash.

2. Flushable Means You Can Flush It Down the Toilet

Another misconception is that you can always flush “flushable” wet wipes down the toilet. This is not true for septic tank systems. Even though the packaging may indicate they are flushable, they don’t decompose like regular tissue paper.

Additionally, some wet wipes manufacturers include chemicals that kill beneficial bacteria in septic systems. Without the beneficial microbes, solids will accumulate rapidly in the tank. The system will require more pumping and sewer cleaning to clear the tank.

3. Drain Cleaners Are Effective and Safe

Despite the misconceptions, drain cleaners can damage your plumbing system and pose a hazard to your health and home. Plus, they are not always effective in eliminating clogs.

Drain cleaning products often contain toxic compounds. These compounds can burn your skin or cause respiratory complications if the fumes are inhaled.

Also, the chemicals can trigger reactions in the pipe and damage the pipe’s lining. The chemical reaction can also generate toxic gases that build up around the clog. The gas accumulation may force aging or defective pipes to burst. Our Mountain Valley Plumbing team suggests using alternatives like a drain snake or auger.

A plumber’s auger is safer and more effective than drain cleaning products. Consider scheduling a professional drain cleaning before the early fall storms in Montana. You can protect your family from biological hazards by taking care of your sewer system.

4. Bubbling Sounds Means Your Heater Will Explode

Rumbling or bubbling noises may point to a fault in your water heater. But it is unlikely that your heating equipment will explode when you hear such noises. The sound is a common sign of sediment buildup in the tank. The accumulation of minerals can impact the efficiency of your heating equipment.

Flushing the tank annually is essential to reduce sediment buildup. If you do not know how to flush the water heater, it is advisable to consult a professional. You can call Mountain Valley Plumbing when you are unsure about unusual sounds from your heating equipment.

When you have recurring drain blockages, you can rely on our dedicated team of plumbing professionals to fix your plumbing. Our plumbers are fast and effective and can handle projects on virtually any scale. We offer 24/7 emergency service. Contact Mountain Valley Plumbing and Heating for a free estimate for our plumbing services in Bozeman, MT.