Plumber tightening up pipework

Ready to Remodel? Remember to Think About Plumbing

When you’re planning a remodel, there are many things to think about. Besides coming up with a vision for your final product, figuring out your preferred materials, and crunching the numbers, you’ll also want to remember to address plumbing. With many remodels, components are swapped out for new ones, room layouts are adjusted, and walls are taken down. This presents an excellent opportunity to make upgrades to the plumbing. In general, newer plumbing components are more efficient and durable than older ones, so you’d likely be doing your home a favor by taking care of plumbing during the project.


Old piping may be prone to leaks, and older homes may still be holding onto lead pipes or lead solder, which should definitely be replaced for health reasons. At Mountain Valley, we’re often called out to residences around Bozeman for repiping projects. This generally requires us to access behind walls, so that’s why it’s a strategic idea to pair this job with a remodel. If you’re already cutting into a wall, you might as well have it serve two purposes.

There are three main types of pipes to consider:

  • Copper
  • CPVC (Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride)
  • PEX

Copper is generally regarded as being a great choice, but it is more expensive than the other two options. CPVS and PEX are affordable and practical, with PEX being flexible as well. We can talk with anyone in our area about the pros and cons of each.


Remodels are a good time to take a close look at your fixtures and decide whether you want to replace them. There are many low-flow fixtures that could be ideal because they allow you to save water. If you’re concerned about water supply or your water bill, this would be something to consider. In addition, modern fixtures can make a big impact on the overall style of a kitchen or bathroom. Older fixtures might not be a good match with the new additions you’re putting in.

Water Heaters and Water Softeners

One other thing to remember is that some of your appliances might need upgrading, too. Again, once people start coming into your place in Bozeman, it might make more sense to be comprehensive and get more work done during this time. Older water heaters tend to use a lot of energy, whereas newer ones are more efficient. Bozeman residences aren’t known for having hard water, but yours may be in the minority of homes that require a water softener system. This could prolong the length of your appliances.

Remodeling is more than just making things look better. It’s about functionality, and plumbing plays a major role in that aspect. During a remodel, it might be wise to upgrade or adjust your plumbing, and we’re available to assist you with that. Call us at Mountain Valley today for a consultation.