The True Value Of A Plumbing Inspection

Most homeowners in Bozeman only call and schedule an appointment with a plumber when there is an issue. And in some cases, they even put off calling a plumber until they have several problems or one is what they believe to be significant. But homeowners need to understand that a plumbing inspection is an opportunity to gather some precious information that can save you tens of thousands of dollars and some very upsetting issues.

What You Get For Your Money

A plumbing inspection is much like a health checkup for your house. It is a visit where a licensed plumber will inspect everything inside and outside your home related to the water service and drain lines. Think of it as a physical for all of these essential systems that you need to keep your house running efficiently.

Typically the inspection starts at the water supply line and meter coming into your home and follows a logical progression all the way to the sewer line that carries waste and water to the city sewer system. During the process of this in-depth inspection, your plumber will test all the faucets, showers, and other spigots to ensure that the valves are working and that there are no leaks. Other focal points are water supply lines to appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher, and the ice maker in your fridge.

Some Important Information you Can Only Get From A Licensed Plumber

Many homeowners bought their house from a previous owner. So they do not know much about the previous care of the home or when certain items like drain and water lines were installed. In these cases, you can begin to wonder and worry about the condition of things like water pipes inside the walls and drain lines that run through the floors. All you can think about is what would happen if one of these pipes fails. But because they are concealed, you have no way to know their condition.

Fortunately, your plumber can shed some light on these crucial questions. A camera inspection is a simple process that allows your plumber to explore the inside of water and drain lines to determine their overall condition and life expectancy. The information that this camera inspection reveals could save you tens of thousands of dollars in water damage repairs or provide years of peace of mind. Either way, the inspection cost is a great value for all of the information it will put at your fingertips.

What Can A Plumbing Inspection Reveal?

If you have noticed that some drains are slow to clear, you will now know why. It could be a clog forming in a drain or an issue with the plumbing vent line. Your licensed plumber will be able to point out all of the problems you were discovering and provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Other helpful information might include options to upgrade your toilets and other fixtures to save a significant amount of water and money. Many people never think about the savings they could be enjoying simply by replacing a few fixtures in their house. Or your plumber could find that the anode rod in your water heater needs to be replaced. This affordable repair is likely to add years of service to the life of your water heater. And all these affordable proactive services are revealed in a simple plumbing inspection.

Call (406) 823-3680 to schedule a plumbing inspection with the pros at Mountain Valley Plumbing & Heating. This small investment is the best way to prevent costly plumbing issues in the future. And all of the repairs we make are backed by a full warranty for added peace of mind.