What Homeowners Need To Know About AC Refrigerant

The average homeowner has a basic understanding of their home’s AC system. They know that their air conditioner pulls warm air from their home and cools it using a refrigerant and the condenser unit that sits out beside the house. But anything beyond that is a little murky. So when your home is getting too warm, and you find that the AC is blowing warm air, not cold, you have no choice but to call in an expert for help. Unfortunately, too many homeowners in the Bozeman area are turning to a handyman or other person who is not trained or certified to work on AC systems. And they are getting some bad information and paying unnecessary bills.

AC Refrigerant Recharges

If your repair person has recommended that the AC coolant be recharged, you should call (406) 823-3680 for an honest evaluation from a certified HVAC professional. The reason for this call is that your handyman is giving you some incorrect information about AC refrigerant. The coolant in AC systems is contained in a closed-loop, which means that it should last for the lifetime of the air conditioner. And if it has not lasted that long, there is a leak. Until that leak is located and repaired, the system will continue to leak toxic coolant and fail to keep your house cool.

The less than reliable and professional person who has looked at your AC wants to sell you some expensive coolant and a hefty fee to recharge the system. But they are not telling you about the leak or correcting it, so your new, costly coolant will soon be gone too. Unfortunately, you will have already paid the bill and never see that person again. Sadly, a coolant recharge or top off is just a scam that takes advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.

A Word Of Caution

AC refrigerant is harmful to the environment and toxic to your pets. So having a coolant leak is a severe issue beyond not having cool air in your house. When you learn that your AC needs more coolant, be equally concerned about where the leaking coolant went as you are about adding new coolant. Be sure that the leak is located and repaired so that the coolant can be appropriately cleaned up.

The Signs Of A Refrigerant Leak

Recognizing the early indications of a refrigerant leak is the best way to avoid a costly repair bill and several days of discomfort with no air conditioning in your home. For example, if you find that your AC is running more frequently than usual and possibly running longer, but the house is still warm, there is likely a coolant leak in the system. You might also notice ice build-up on the condenser coil outside. At the first sign of a leak, it is essential that you call (406) 823-3680 for a professional AC inspection. The certified experts at Mountain Valley Plumbing & Heating use a special diagnostic tool to locate even the smallest leak in an AC closed loop.

Then our pro gets to work to find and repair it before recharging your AC’s coolant. This is the only safe and reliable process to restore the function of your air conditioner and ensure that it is not contaminating the environment with toxic coolant. And you never need to worry about the quality or reliability of a Mountain Valley Plumbing & Heating repair. All of our work comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee and a comprehensive warranty. Call us 24/7 at (406) 823-3680 for all your air conditioning needs. We will arrive quickly and always provide a complete cost estimate before completing any repair or service to your home’s AC equipment.