Will Air Conditioning Help Reduce My Allergy Symptoms?

When you suffer from seasonal allergies, typically called hay fever, you are miserable when in the presence of pollen from plants, trees, and even the grass. Some allergy suffers also feel the effects of pet dander and other triggers. So there are times that you wonder if there is any place on the planet, indoors or out, where you can escape the red, swollen, itchy eyes, sneezing, stuffy head, and difficulty breathing. But you will be relieved to learn that air conditioning can help to reduce your allergy symptoms.

Fewer Triggers In Your Face

When you are outdoors or have the windows open, millions of allergens are blowing in your face at all hours of the day and night. Pollen is most often released from trees early in the day, but it can also be churned into the air from other plants and the grass any time the wind blows or a lawnmower cuts grass. So you are constantly bombarded with pollen and other particles like dust and dirt that can trigger allergy symptoms.

But when you close the doors and windows and turn on the AC, you stop that constant influx of allergens. Your air conditioner only takes the air from inside your house and cools it before returning it in a cooler form. So you are not dealing with new allergens in your home unless someone opens a door. That increased control of the pollen in the air inside can help you feel less stuffy and itchy when indoors with the AC running.

Less Dust

While pollen could be your primary allergen, dust and dirt are not helping you feel any better.  Fortunately, your Bozeman home’s AC has an air filter that helps to remove more dust and contaminants from the air indoors. The filter is not purpose-built to help you breathe cleaner air. Instead, it is designed to remove all dust and particles that would damage the delicate components inside the AC equipment. But regardless of the purpose, you benefit from the added filtration of the air moving through your home’s air conditioning system.

Your Contribution To Cleaner Air

As you might imagine, the air filter in your AC can get covered with dust and dirt relatively quickly. And when it does, it is bad for the AC equipment and bad for you. In the case of your air conditioner, the clogged filter makes it more challenging to draw fresh air into the equipment to cool. And that means that the unit is functioning less efficiently and consuming much more energy to create your cool air.

From your perspective, the clogged filter is costing you money in power to operate the AC more frequently and in the lowered air quality. In addition, the added workload on the AC from the clogged filter will shorten its life span and cost you potentially years of service. So keeping a close eye on that air filter has many, many benefits.

Another Important Service

The final piece of the puzzle for higher air quality indoors lies in the ductwork of your home. Over the years, these channels have gathered an unbelievable amount of dust and dirt. Professional duct cleaning will remove the allergens and dirt that contributed to your allergy symptoms. So when you notice that the surfaces in your home are constantly covered in a light coat of dust, consider a professional duct cleaning to eliminate that residual dust.

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